DISAB Material Handling Units

Hazco Environmental's DISABs have a high suction capacity and, together with their flexible discharge system, are invaluable in many industrial situations for dry material handling.

Typical DISAB Applications:

  • Silo Emptying

  • Conveyor belt cleaning

  • Coating plant clean up

  • Activated carbon removal

  • Material transfer

  • Spillages

  • Bag house filter cleaning

  • Unblocking screw feeders

  • Boiler beds

  • Explosion prevention

  • Product recovery

Liquid Ring Tankers  

Our high-performance liquid ring tankers are ideal for problematic waste streams such as sludges, heavy silt and tank bottoms. These tankers have exceptional loading capabilities, capable of removing waste from great depths and distances.

Emergency Response

Regulations state that no one should work within a confined space unless emergency arrangements have been put in place for the appropriate level of risk involved in the task.

Our highly trained Emergency Response Teams provide an immediate response for people working in confined space or at height, including rescue and advanced first aid.

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